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What is Game.Set.Match?

Game.Set.Match™ is a platform that connects you to other tennis players through recreational tennis leagues, tournaments, programs and other events in your area. The platform helps facilitate your interaction online with other participants so you can spend more time playing out on the tennis courts and enjoying the sport you love.

How does it Work?

Sign up - put in as much information as you can that you know or comfortable to share. The system will recommend different leagues and events to you based on the profile you have in the system.

Get Matched Up - when the league starts, you will get matched up with other players.

Play On - meet your opponent at your agreed time and court; play your match; report your scores; repeat cycle as much as you can until league ends.

Claim your Reward Points - whether you win or lose, you earn reward points for every activity you participate in. When the league ends, you can either save your points or redeem them with products available on the site or use it for the next league.

What makes it different?

Single Format vs. Multi-Format

Most platforms are usually singularly focused in providing you with one league format - some focus on requiring you to join a tennis club team, while others focus on a Flex format. You end up signing up on different platforms to accommodate the variation of your schedule. With Game.Set.Match™, you don’t need to go anywhere else. Our open and template-driven approach accommodates all types of formats and is only limited to the imagination of all the local coordinators on our platform to provide a participatory tennis experience for you.

Local Directors and Coordinators

Other league platforms are managed by people hundreds of miles away from you. We believe that every area is different, therefore having someone already in your locale, will provide the best local tennis experience and support you in the best way possible. The success of our platform relies on having these local coordinators that truly love tennis and enjoy sharing their love to their community. We strive to vet and work with tennis coordinators who are already in your area.

Designed around you

Most league platforms are designed around the needs of a club. Our system is designed around you – an enthusiastic tennis player who just want to play for fun (with some competition). Our intention is not for you to keep sitting in front of your screen, but to get you out there on the tennis courts to start playing and start having fun.

Progress Tracking

Our goal to inspire you to keep playing; we use the latest technology to keep track of your statistics and activities, present meaningful insights to your game, and recommend content for you to improve your game.

How did it start?

The concept came out of our frustration, as avid tennis players, of finding other people to play with. While other platforms are available, formats are limited and not varied enough to accomodate changing preferences and schedules. Furthermore, a lot of the matching algorithms are typically flawed and we end up playing with people out of our range of preferences therefore leaving us with a not so positive experience. Based out of this frustration, we at Game.Set.Match(TM) have set out to continually look for better ways to improve our tennis experience.


We are growing every day. Find a league, event or program near you to participate in. Or create one for you and your friends.

What is our Mission?

Game.Set.Match™ is a platform to connect people with the love of tennis with other people and events around their area.

We believe that by making this connection, we contribute to building stronger communities through the love of tennis.