The GSM rank is a mechanism to keep track of a participant’s performance in the Game.Set.Match program. We make no claim of that is it an industry-wide standard and it does not correlate to any other ranking system that is in the market such as NTRP, UTR, ATP etc. etc.
MatchPoints™ is the trademarked name of the Reward Points given to the user for every activity that they participate in. It is similar in function to “frequent flyer points” given in the airline industry. It has no market and monetary value therefore cannot be peddled or sold for profit. It is the sole discretion of the program to award MatchPoints™ to participants.
A league director is a person who is vetted and approved by the GSM platform to create and coordinate leagues and tournaments using the GSM platform. This person is not necessarily an employee or owner of the GSM platform.
A Private League is a by “Invite-Only” league. Participants are invited only by the League Director and the league is not available to the public.
If a player is injured, unwell or a circumstance that forces the person to stop playing (i.e. being on-call) and cannot continue a match, he/she she loses the match. It is considered a retirement. It cannot be re-played.
No. If both parties are required to leave a tennis court due to time running out of the court reservation, this is not considered a Retirement. The match can be replayed or continued at a mutually agreement time and place.
If a player does not turn up at the agreed time, or is more than 30 minutes late, the other player can claim a “No-Show” and claim a “Win” unless he/she agreed to reschedule the match. The person not showing up should dutifully pay for the cost of the court (if any.) Note: If you are cancelling a scheduled match make sure you get an acknowledgement from your opponent (do not assume that the other person will receive any left messages either through voicemail, email or text).
He or she must give his or her opponent a minimum of 24 hours notice. If a court cost is incurred the player who postponed the match is solely responsible for the cost of the unused court. If the cancellation is done on the same day, while it preferable to still play the match if possible, the match may be recorded as a “no-show.”
The match must be re-scheduled. Note: if cancelling because of the weather, always contact your opponent and get an acknowledgment.
The weather can be unpredictable in many parts of the country. First: please follow safety protocols when weather conditions start to deteriorate. If court conditions worsen and deemed unsafe by either party while playing a match, the match should be re-started for another time that works for both parties. They should start at the score when the play was stopped. If re-scheduling becomes impossible, the score must be reported as it stands (please note the match remains a “to be completed” match and the scores stand even if one of the players is subsequently injured/withdraws from the round).


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